History in the Making

Morrow Mt./ Kron’s House

Have you ever visualized what your picturesque fall day would look and feel like? Sunday November 2nd felt like my perfect vision had come to full fruition. The weather was a high 53 F* and the wind blew ever so sightly, every two-to-three minutes. That fall, cool, crisp air… there is something placid and fresh, when breathing that fall air in. The foliage only creates the perfect back drop. You can get lost in that moment, that moment you take in a deep breathe and breathe out all the negative vitality that has amassed within us, over time. That was the Morrow Mountain experience I had recently, at the Kron’s House.

Joyce was set up at the Kron’s House and I was at his medical office. We had a large amount of visitors, many who were a joy to speak with. I do not think that I can convey what a joyful and grateful opportunity this was for me. The experience was incredible, an experience that one must experience for themselves. I will, however, try my best to explain why I had walked away feeling so blessed on that day.

I am not quite sure what was the most exciting part for me. Perhaps the accumulation of a nice fall day, a foliage scenery in the mountain, the energy from the visitors, and the historic replicas, but there was just something that was just breath-taking in that adventure. Yes, adventure. I say adventure, because it was a new experience, and when has a new experience not been adventurous? There is something thrilling and curious that captivates our imaginations. Maybe, it is that excitement that we get when were children, exploring something new. Perchance that is what I loved so much. I loved feeling like an inquisitive child again, exploring a new world. In this case, traveling back in time almost, being far removed from the chaos of our fast pace moving society. So if you have opportunity, you too should share the experience. Enjoy some photos!

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2017 Program Schedule