History in the Making

Halloween Museum Fun!!

Just recently, October 27th to be exact, the Stanly County Historical Society and the Stanly County Museum hosted a Historic Ghost Walk, that started at the Central Methodist Church in downtown Albemarle.  The Historic Ghost Walk, was a lot of fun to be a part of!! I thoroughly enjoyed being able to participate, by leading a tour group to each selected location.

Before the tour, we began with a Hot Dog Supper at 5:30pm that individuals registered for online. Besides, what is a good ghost walk without some good food beforehand? I am not sure the total amount of people who showed up for the night, but if I had to guess…I would estimate that an approximate amount of 80 people showed up. We broke up the group into seven groups, one of which I led.

The group that I had were mostly of children, and I loved that. Their eyes were filled with so much excitement and adventure. Weren’t we all at that young age? They were genuinely intrigued the entire time, until we lost their attention span. However, that is okay. They had fun, and that is what mattered the most. I would say that the highlight of the evening was a little four year old girl had ask me (we had stopped at a location with a gentlemen dressed in confederate clothing) “did he fight in the war too?” I simply chuckled to myself and asked: “well what do you think” little girl: “I think he did, that is why he is dressed like that, because he is a ghost, isn’t he?” me: “I do not know, what do you think?” little girl: “Yes, he is a ghost!” I will truly remember that experience. I was able to get a few pictures of the route we took downtown, before the sun went down, and of a few locations we stop by at night. So enjoy!​